Audio Portrait Commission Project

As some of you may know I am currently working on my masters thesis which involves translating sound recordings into abstract drawings. 

I’ve become fascinated by how evocative sound alone can be for stirring the visual imagination, yet in my work, I cannot escape my memory of the experience I associate with my own sound recording—  the pursuit of a purely imaginative visual re-presentation of the sound itself eludes me.

As a means to explore this sound-only-inspired abstract drawing, I am initiating a short-term commission-based project called AUDIO PORTRAIT COMMISSION PROJECT.  I’m curious to create works that draw only from my experience of the sound recording alone, having no personal memory of the recorded event itself.

How it works:

1. ) I receive a soundbite (or .mov) recorded by you (or not... but something that resonates with you or the person you might want to gift the image to) example: sounds of a conversation or a recording of your favourite coffee shop, park bench, ocean, parking lot whatever tickles your fancy. 

2.) I convert

3.) You receive an original piece of work, that you can then gift or perhaps hang on your own wall.

4.) The cost depends on the size of the work or whether you would like it framed. 

Please message me personally for more details. adjacent example : Teshima- Japan, Feild Recording by @danny_shaddick #drawing #commission #project #soundscape #mastersthesis